Your Responsibilities as an employer of an apprentice:


Apprentices who are under 19 years old or who are over 19 years old and in the first year of the apprenticeship must be paid at least the current national minimum wage for apprentices.

Once the first year is over , the apprentice must be paid the current national minimum wage for their age .

All other apprentices are entitled to the current national minimum wage for their age , however many employers pay more than this amount .


Apprentices have to be given the same benefits as other employees


The minimum number of hours an apprentice should work are 30 per week.( in certain circumstances less hours would be accepted, but the absolute minimum allowed is 16 hours per week) If this was the case, the duration of the course can be extended.


Both the employer and the apprentice would need to sign an agreement of the apprenticeship terms which include compulsory 20% off the job training as part of their contracted hours of work.


We are able to place an apprentice with your pharmacy at any time of year aswe have a rolling course and variety of start dates. Please contact us for more details or to request a placement.




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